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In need of getting home for 3 kids and single mom

single mom of 3 started this conversation
  I am a single mom of three girls. I just moved here around the end of July 2006. I came here in hopes of my family having a better life then we have had in years. I have been raising my kids alone for more then 9 years. I do not get child support. The father gets paid cash so he can not be garnished. When I first got here things were great. I broke my elbow within 10 days of being here. After healing enough to start looking for work I began my search. I finally got a job but dont start till the 6th of November (business dont open till then). I will be a waitress. I know the money will be good because of the location and type of resturant. I also have opened a web store for extra income for my girls.  Anyway before I got here a friend ( known since 6/2004) said that the house he lived in was just him. 4 bedrooms 2 livingrooms 3 bath etc. Said the girls and I were more then welcome to stay. Me not wanting a relationship of any sort caused him to change his mind. He said it did not work out like he had hoped it would Told me the begin of Oct that we had till end of mth to move. I do not have the funds to move, no place to move to, and no furniture. I do not want my girls to be homeless. All I need is help getting on my feet and atleast 2 mths taking care of so I have no worries. With christmas coming up. I can only hope and pray someone out there can help my family out of a very bad spot and put on our feet so our hopes prayers and dreams of a better place for us comes true. My kids grades have even come up from low C's to  B+'s, they love it here and so do I. PLEASE help this family in a bad situation out. I would be so greatfull to all to have a home and put on our feet for christmas. Thank you God bless those who help a mom and three very good loving girls out.
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 I would try toys for tots, angel tree and local churches in your area. Call or stop in and ask if they do gift handout for needy children.

There are so many of us in your same exact position, we have not had a christmas since 2004 when the hurricanes took everything from us but we still carry on. There are more important things than material gifts, we also have children and they do understand and help make the holidays happy even when we do not have money or a holiday meal.

Instead of focusing on the things you do not have, focus on those things you do have and make those the showcase of your holiday season. Do you have a roof over your heads, food int he fridge or cupboards? Do you have clothes, able to buy school supplies etc?? Do you have a vehicle or internet, cell phones etc?? Think of those things you do have and remember many of us do not have those luxuries.

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single mom of 3

Please Help...This morning I got a email and it said I have two days left. It was from him..PLEASE

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Here are some links to resources in Gainsville, GA (Hall County) that might be of assistance. I also have links to national organizations: Catholic Charities, red cross, salvation army, St vincent de paul, United way/211, etc on my homepage that may be of assistance.
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